MSI's Mech 2 graphics cards give AMD another Radeon-exclusive brand

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Nvidia killed its controversial GeForce Partner Program 15 days ago, but AMD-exclusive hardware keeps on coming. This week, MSI announced a new Mech 2 lineup of Radeon RX 500-series graphics cards based on “Polaris” GPUs. Radeon-only Asus Arez and ASRock Phantom Gaming brands have also been revealed this spring.Details are scarce, but the Mech 2 series appears to slot in between MSI’s affordable Armor GPUs and high-end Gaming-brand graphics cards. MSI says the cards feature a new cooler with the company’s Torx 2.0 fans and a completely custom PCB, bolstered by military class 4 components, a black metal backplate, and an illuminated RGB LED dragon logo that can be customized to any color you desire.To read this article in full, please click here

منبع : IT News MSI’s Mech 2 graphics cards give AMD another Radeon-exclusive brand

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