This "invisible" MacBook stand is only $20 today

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If you spend the majority of your day working on a laptop, you need a stand to give you an optimal working stance. However, laptop stands can be quite cumbersome, and some are even bigger than most laptops! If you’re looking for a sleek, non-intrusive laptop stand, then the MOFT Invisible Laptop Stand is the perfect choice for $19.99.Okay, the MOFT isn’t exactly invisible, but its slim, lightweight design and simple application make it so easy to forget that it’s even there. The MOFT uses a strong adhesive to attach to the bottom of your laptop, and its dual-angle folds provide two height settings that can support laptops up to 18 lbs and 15.6 inches wide. If you need to store your laptop, the MOFT folds to the thickness of a coin, so you can transport it without adding additional bulk to your bag.To read this article in full, please click here

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